Primary Purpose:  

            To coordinate the instructional planning of the campus teachers and to provide support and expertise in the implementation of a viable district-wide curriculum that is rigorous and aligned with state standards. Emphasis will be placed on introducing and supporting evidence based instructional practices for classroom instruction and interventions with the goal of achieving increased student performance. This position will also serve as a liaison between the campus and district academic services in supporting district goals and initiatives. 

(Primary: Grades PK-1; Elementary: Grades 2-5; Secondary: Grades 6-8)  





Valid Texas teaching certificate by the State Board

Bachelor’s degree required  

Master’s Degree in Education preferred


Special Knowledge and Skills:

Extensive knowledge of standard based curriculum and evidence-based instructional practices

An understanding of how to facilitate growth in adults.

Ability to provide expertise in curriculum delivery, assessment, and professional development through the Professional Learning Communities model

Ability to evaluate and modify instructional program and teacher effectiveness through data analysis and interpretation

Implementation of a successful Response to Intervention RTI

Ability to work collaboratively with others

Outstanding skills, both written and oral

Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills and efficiency in meeting deadlines



Minimum of five years teaching experience

Curriculum and Instruction Experience preferred



Campus Responsibilities and Duties: 

  1. Facilitate Planning Meetings using the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model.
  2. Work with teachers to plan instruction and assessments, and design differentiated instruction for varied levels of student needs.
  3. Analyze student data that illustrates the teachers’ ability to increase student achievement through utilizing specific instructional interventions.
  4. Demonstrate instructional expertise through model teaching, team teaching, video presentations and student achievement gains.
  5. Research and build data bank of current evidence based practices and resources that support instruction.
  6. Develop a timeline for creating and administering campus assessments.
  7. Analyze school-wide student data as the basis for developing a Campus Improvement Plan
  8. Plan, organize, and facilitate RTI meetings.
  9. Create and upload current year and longitudinal reports for all screeners, diagnostic testing, progress monitoring, benchmarks, unit assessments and state assessments.
  10. Collaborate with campus principal to plan and design comprehensive, staff development and create courses, agendas sign in sheets and notes.
  11. Organize and implement academic tutoring program for all students.
  12. Communicate and provide feedback to the campus principal regarding the expectations of district curriculum implementation. 


District Responsibilities and Duties: 

  1. Provide staff with the latest developments and information related to curriculum including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), TCMPC/TEKS Resource System, and the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).
  2. Assist in coordinating the evaluation and selection of textbooks, software, manipulatives, and other instructional materials at the campus and across the district.
  3. Collaborate with Academic Services team to ensure systemic methods for the alignment of programs and delivery of instruction
  4. Attend professional development to guarantee consistent communication between he campus and district Academic Services
  5. Communicate and provide feedback to Academic Services regarding the effectiveness of district curriculum implementation and alignment.
  6. Lead teams of teachers in writing and/or revising district curriculum documents.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

Other duties as assigned



Working Conditions:

            Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Work with frequent interruptions. Prolonged or irregular hours. Moderate travel required.